Who We Are

Venuti & Associates is an actuarial and benefits consulting firm with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle. Our firm has specialized in providing actuarial consulting services to multiemployer and single-employer defined benefit and defined contribution plans since its inception in 2002.

What We Do

Venuti & Associates provides actuarial and benefits consulting services to multiemployer and single-employer defined benefit and defined contribution plans as well as public plans, post-retirement benefit plans, and nonqualified SERP arrangements.

Drawing on our years of pension consulting experience and our commitment to the pension community, Venuti & Associates is able to provide the highest quality of service to our clients in a cost-effective manner. Our approach to all of our projects and engagements incorporates several commitments and beliefs:

  • Highest professional quality service and work products
  • Unparalleled client service orientation
  • Commitment to the integrity of our contracts
  • Vision and ingenuity

All actuaries at Venuti & Associates are members of the American Academy of Actuaries. All have a designation in the Society of Actuaries and/or are Enrolled Actuaries under ERISA. As such, we are bound by the profession’s Code of Professional Conduct and by the Actuarial Standards of Practice.

Venuti & Associates uses state-of-the-art actuarial analysis software with the capabilities to perform closed- and open-group actuarial valuations, cash-flow projections using both static and dynamic assumptions, experience analyses by source, FAS accounting calculations for both pension and health plans, and asset/liability projections. Our projection model has helped our clients meet legislative and regulatory requirements as well as provide information to the Trustees so they can make informed decisions regarding plan provisions and funding. We are well-versed in the customary PC-based word processing, spreadsheet and database software.

In addition to our technical expertise, we focus on communicating our findings, results and recommendations in a straightforward manner. We provide our plan sponsors and trustees with the information they need in a clear and understandable manner to assist them in making the important and difficult decisions regarding maintaining an adequate balance between benefit and funding levels and communication of that information to plan participants.

At Venuti & Associates, we foster collaborative relationships with all of our clients. We actively keep our clients up-to-date on legal, regulatory and other changes that may impact their retirement programs through general guidance on new developments as well as analyses specific to the individual client. Our size and expertise allows us to tailor our recommendations to the needs of the specific client and provide professional guidance on the recommended actuarial approaches.

We make every effort to create strong, long-standing, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and business partners.

Services We Provide

Retirement Plan Services

Venuti & Associates provides actuarial and consulting retirement plan services to the trustees of multiemployer pension plans, single-employer pension plans and public entity plans. Our teams will customize our services to meet all of your Plan’s specific retirement needs.

Stock Option Services

Our team can relieve the burden of option pricing, develop a valuation approach which optimizes the outcome within fair, reasonable and defensible guidelines, and provide auditable documentation of our processes.

Industries We Service

Venuti & Associates works with a wide variety of agencies, industries, professions, and trades.

Brick, Masonry & Marble

Metal Trades


Electrical Workers

Hotel & Restaurant

Single Employer Plans



Lumber Trades