Venuti & Associates provides our clients with regular notices regarding new regulations and actuarial hot topics related to the pension industry, in the form of “Client Alerts.” For example:

Mr. Venuti is a frequent speaker at the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plan. He has given expert presentations on various pension and benefits related topics, including:

  • Funding Policies for Multiemployer Plans, 2019
  • Issues for Mature Pension Plans, 2018
  • Pension Funding Refresher—Valuation Basics, 2017
  • Managing Your Pension Risk, 2016
  • Benefit and Funding Policies – The Backbone of a Pension Plan and Multiemployer Pension Reform Act, 2015
  • Solutions for Severely Troubled Plans, 2015
  • Pension Plan Mergers, 2014
  • Methods for Keeping Green, 2013
  • Mergers of Pension Plans – Post PPA, 2012

For more information on any of the topics noted above or for a complete list of client alerts and presentations, please contact our offices.