Stock Option Services

Our team can relieve the burden of option pricing, develop a valuation approach which optimizes the outcome within fair, reasonable and defensible guidelines, and provide auditable documentation of our processes.

Core Stock Option Services

Education on compliance implications including modeling alternatives: lattice-based model vs. Black Scholes vs. other standard option pricing models
Collection and analysis of data to determine both share behavior and employee decision making behavior
Selection of model and assumptions to be used, resulting from testing and analysis of assumption sensitivity
Accounting and tax treatments and related disclosures
Valuation of complicated market-based options and warrants
Analysis of future economic outcomes such as evaluation of future option grants, sensitivity to plan design changes, expense and tax impact, EPS and cash flow effect
Review and redesign (or original design for emerging companies) of equity compensation plans to provide employees with relevant incentives, consistent with corporate goals and reduction of stock option expense
Forecast and analysis of stock-based plan design and plan design changes
Development of a customized model to conform to plan features and to optimize outcome within fair, reasonable and defensible guidelines